ProFormX Golf Cart Battery Charger (15 Amp) - Fits 36 Volt Club Car DS & E-Z-GO TXT

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ProFormX and Pro Charging Systems have teamed up to offer a truly unique charger that is reliable, efficient, and cost effective. These Golf Cart Battery Chargers use a proprietary method of adjusting the charge algorithm to compensate for temperature thus improving battery charge quality and safety.

Product Details:

  • Designed for 36 Volt Club Car DS & E-Z-GO TXT Carts

  • 7 ft Charging Cord with "Crowsfoot" Charge Cable Assembly

  • Automatic Voltage Sensing - Compatible with 36 or 48 Volt Applications
  • Delta Volt Intuitive Charging Technology
  • Ready to use out of the box

  • Proudly Made in the USA - Just outside Music City

  • Offering Superior Craftmanship - Rigorously Tested

  • Can be used with Lead-Acid (Wet/AGM) or Gelled Electrolyte Batteries

  • Fully Repairable - Not a Throw Away like most chargers available today

  • Full 2 Year Warranty

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